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The Marz Fam

My Name is Kristyna. I live in Ottawa, On with my husband and our 3 children.

As a child I had an excessive love of sweet things, so it was no surprise to my family when I got a job working in a bakery. This job led me to a career as a pastry chef where I met my husband. After we were married, we had two children 18 months apart. Neither my husband nor I had health benefits. My husband earned more money through his position, so I took it upon myself to find a job that would offer much needed benefits. A local production kitchen was hiring bakers. I sent in my resume and was delighted when I was offered a position. I worked my tail off. I was promoted to Head Baker, managing a large team of bakers. The management team I became a part of was comprised of strong, intelligent business men and woman that inspired me to be the best that I could be.

The kitchen management team was downsized 4 years later through attrition and I became the Kitchen Manager. The two previous kitchen teams merged into one larger team and the number of staff I was managing went from 18 to 34. My workplace was incredibly supportive and gave us numerous resources to grow our skill sets. Our management teams went on retreats together where we shared our knowledge and skills. We also read several books, supplied by our company, that helped expand our minds and our points of view.

While I always felt stimulated by my career as a manager, I felt the need to grow. I started researching University and College Programs that offered flexibility, so I could continue working while I studied. I found the Executive Business Administration Program at Willis College of Business, Technology and Healthcare. The program offered half day classes, attending in either the morning or afternoon. I enrolled in the morning program, attending classes 5 days a week and working 30+ hours a week in my Management position. I proudly graduated with distinction in spring 2019, gaining incredibly valuable resources, skills, and knowledge, leading to a well-deserved boost in confidence that I was able to bring back to the workplace. Initially, even though I had found success in my career, I always felt shy and had self doubts. Now, I believe in my abilities and know my strengths and weaknesses.

We welcomed our third child in June 2020, during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Fortunately, due my maternity leave, I can be at home with our children. It has opened my eyes to what truly matters most in my life. My children will not be little forever. I want to be there for all the little things. Yes, I need an income to put food on the table, but surely there must be a better way. It is not certain where these next steps will take me, but my desire to succeed, my strong work ethic and my love of family will surely lead me down the right path.

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