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Fears are something we can all relate too. Sometimes they are irrational fears that we can’t stop obsessing over and other times they are very real. Most of us can probably agree we have experienced one or all these fears at some point in our life.

  • Social Phobia: Is a common fear. Normally tied to an anxiety disorder. Most people who suffer from this will be extremely self-conscious. They worry what others will think of them, fearing judgment. Or that they may be disliked by others. They can also find large crowds overwhelming.
  • Acrophobia: The fear of heights. Some people can be so afraid of heights, looking down from a one-story balcony can give them vertigo. I get a little dizzy climbing a 10′ ladder lol
  • Pteromerhanophobia: Is a fear of flying. Many people have this fear even though flying is so common these days and it is much safer than driving a car. Did you know, you are more likely to get struck by lightening than to die in a plane crash?
  • Claustrophobia: This is the fear of enclosed spaces, or that the walls are closing in on you. I don’t like really small spaces and can’t sleep with my head covered by blankets.
  • Entomophobia or Arachnophobia: The fear of small insects or spiders. This is also common. Most people don’t like bugs because they are small, creepy and they can hide in plain site, or crawl on us. Spiders give me the heebie jeebies!
  • Ophidiophobia: Is the fear of snakes. I know several people who don’t like snakes. They all seem to think snakes will feel slimy and don’t like the way they slither. However, a snake’s skin is smooth, and they are quite gentle. We only have 4 poisonous snakes in Canada and they are found in the mid-West and central provinces. The 4 are: The Northern Pacific rattlesnake (found in the interior of B.C), The Massasauga (found primarily near Georgian Bay), Desert Night snake (Found near Southern B.C), and the Prairie rattlesnake (found in Saskatchewan and Alberta).
  • Trypanophobia: Is the fear of needles. I must say, no one really likes getting needles, but some people downright faint at the site of a needle. No matter how you feel about needles, the benefits far out way the cons.
  • Coulrophobia: Is the fear of clowns or more specifically the fear of someone walking on stilts. For some, this fear is very real. They don’t even like the sight of a clown in a picture, let alone right in front of them.

I’ve always had a few small fears. It started with spiders when I was small. As I got older, I became afraid of deep water. By the way, I scuba dive yet I’m still afraid 😂. Everything gets better once I’m at the bottom. What bothers me most is that something could be floating underneath me. In most of Canada’s lakes and rivers you can’t see the bottom to know what lurks beneath. I thought I would be less scared swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, but I was even more scared, thinking about how vast the ocean was. I believe the fear of deep water is called Thalassophobia. Anyhow, I try to push past this fear, so I can enjoy one of my favorite activities, swimming.

*Trigger warning* discussing hypothetical loss of loved ones.

What Truly Shakes Me to My Core?

©Kristyna Griffiths-Marzo, Family On A Dime and The Marz Fam

The idea of losing my children really scares me. I know there are people out there who have lost their child or children and by no means is this meant to be insensitive. I am only sharing what I’m afraid of. The fear of losing my children popped in my head recently when I watched an old Oprah episode. Oprah was interviewing a couple who had tragically lost all three of their children in a car accident (I also have three children). They had two girls and a boy. As they told their story, I felt the heaviness of their pain. I instantly welled up and couldn’t get the thought out of my mind. I wouldn’t want to lose any of my children, but imagine losing all of them at once? It would be too much to bare. One minute they are there and the next they are gone. You would be a childless parent. This terrifies me! The couple got pregnant and had triplets a year later. Miraculously the triplets were two girls and a boy. If that isn’t classified as a miracle, I don’t know what is.

The fear of something happening to myself also scares me. Sometimes, my mind can run wild with worries. This usually happens at night when I’m trying to fall asleep or when I’m driving somewhere. I’ll start to think, what if I got hit by a car and died? My children would have to live their lives without me. Children need their mothers. Yes, I know they’d still have their father. Fathers are just as important as mothers. But they wouldn’t have me! The one who carried them for 9 months each, breastfed them, cuddled them, made them better when they were sick, laughed with them, cried with them, cried because of them (lol), nurtured and cared for them. The one who taught them how to crawl, walk, eat, laugh, and speak. The one who taught them how to be silly, be responsible and show empathy to others. No one can be exactly who I am to my children. They are unique and largely who they are because of me, and all that I have imprinted on them. I am terrified of them losing me.

©Kristyna Griffiths-Marzo, Family On A Dime and The Marz Fam

Moms do you ever feel this way? It’s hard not to think I’m being a little selfish. I know they “could” live without me, but I don’t want them to. I can’t stop thinking my little quirks and ideals couldn’t rub off on them if I weren’t there anymore. The loss for them would be devastating. Do you think that’s selfish to think this way? I suppose most parents want their children to be shaped and molded into better versions of themselves. In a way, we live on through our children. I have several friends who lost their parent(s) at a young age and I can see the effect it has had. The loss lasts a lifetime. Every special moment is a little less special because you know someone is missing. I know it’s irrational for me to think about myself dying. The time of my death is completely out of my control. Only God knows the exact hour of any person’s passing. I suppose the only thing I can do is enjoy my time with my children and know that I have everything setup should I leave this world early.

Sometimes I think of making a special video for each child, so that if something did happen they could watch the video and hear everything I wanted to say to them. They could cherish this video. If I never need it, we could always show it at their wedding or something. Do you think that’s a nice idea? Maybe it would ease my compulsive thoughts about it, knowing that I have left something behind to remind them of me.

Anyhow, yes, we may have some mild fears. Which is perfectly heathy, but the ones that keep me up at night are always the closest to my heart. What are some of your fears? Big or small. How do you deal with your fears? Please leave your thoughts in the comments. As always, if you like what you are reading, please like and share this post. Until next time, take care 🙂 xoxo

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