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Fall has to be my favorite time of year. From the changing colors of the leaves, to the smells and activities. Everything seems brighter in the fall. What’s more, I believe it is even more beautiful in and around my hometown of Ottawa. We have so much nature all around us: protected areas like bogs, hiking trails, bicycle paths, and more all within our cities limits. If you’re willing to drive or take a great bicycle ride, Gatineau park is also close, and a must see if you’ve not had the chance. Our city is brought to life with the vibrant red, orange and yellow leaves. Intertwined with green leaves that have yet to turn and evergreen trees that never lose their splendid needles. There are stunning scenes everywhere you look.

Fall is Fun

Remember being a child in the fall? Raking piles of leaves and jumping in them? I do. This was when I first fell in-love with fall. There was so much to explore. So many things to do. It feels so magical. You can go on adventures through the forest, see animals getting ready to hibernate, and all of the changes in nature as it prepares for the colder winter months.

When I was little, I would search for and gather the largest maple leaves I could find. These precious finds were destined to be gifts for my mother. I remember how proud I was, that I had found such special leaves. To me they seemed like giants. Some as big as a dinner plates.

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My son also enjoys collecting leaves and helicopters, so he can use them as stencils to do leaf rubbings. You place a leaf under a piece of paper and rub a crayon over top of the paper. What’s left? A beautiful outline of the leaf and all it’s veins. This is a wonderful activity to do with your little ones. They will be amazed by it!

The Signal Changes are Afoot

Canadian geese signal the onset of fall and the return of spring. As the cooler weather approaches the sky is filled with the oh so, familiar sounds of geese heading on there journey South. Geese fly together so gracefully. The distinct V pattern in which they fly together is a truly beautiful sight. Everytime I hear their calls, I find myself looking to the skies, as if to say “so long, and fairwell until the spring.” It always fills my heart with a longing, knowing that I will not see them again for sometime.

Fall Harvest

Farmers work hard to bring in the last of their crops. Everywhere you look you can see fall’s bounty. Pumpkins, potatoes, onions, and varieties of squash. You can also purchase dried corn and cornstalks to decorate for Halloween. We will spend the next 5 months longing for the beautiful local produce we have had in abundance these past 7 months. Some farms have indoor greenhouses, producing local vegetables all winter long. However, the most common site at our grocery stores will be coming from outside Canada. After the last of the crops are in, farmers will spend these last few weeks closing up their gardens and planting for next season. Did you know farmers plant garlic in the fall and it pops up in the spring? They also plant leeks, onions, chives, strawberries rhubarb and other perennial plants. They do this because these types of plants like cooler temperatures for root growth. I think that’s pretty cool. Plant something in the fall and see the fruits of your labor when spring comes rolling around.

©️Kristyna Griffiths-Marzo, Family On A Dime, and The Marz Fam

Fall is so special. Don’t take something that may seem so simple for granted. I feel lucky to live here where we have all 4 seasons. Sometimes it may seem like we get all 4 in one day lol, but we get to experience it. We get to revel in its beauty and be humbled by it. So, go on! Get out there and create some memories. Make those leaf piles and throw them in the air. Roll around with your little ones. Teach them about nature and how fragile, yet wonderous it is. They need to know we play an important role in caring for our planet.

©️Kristyna Griffiths-Marzo, Family On A Dime, and The Marz Fam

I would love to hear from you. What are some of your favorite things about fall? Do you have any special memories growing up that you would like to share? Are there any special places you visit?

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  1. I love Fall so much! I still enjoy stomping and crunching the leaves 🥰 You have a beautiful family!

    1. Thank you so much. Fall truly is a wonderful time. I’m glad you enjoy it as well. It makes me feel like a kid again 😁

      1. Yes I definitely know that feeling!!

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